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I use Witch , which basically is a document centric switcher as opposed to the app centric Command Tab. If your windows minimize into the Dock that is, they shrink to sit next to the Trash , you should be able to use Control-F3 Control-Fn-F3 on Mac keyboards that have special hardware functions attached to the function keys to switch keyboard focus to the Dock.

Then you can use the arrow keys and space bar to restore the desired window. It's not quite what you're asking for, but it might be easier than finding the right app with Command-Tab, then the right window with Option-Tab. Listen now. Home Questions Tags Users Unanswered. Asked 9 years, 10 months ago. Active 9 years, 10 months ago. Works out of the box in Safari and customizable for apps where it doesn't. You are right. It reassess the order of windows when you change application.

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And here I just thought I was bad at keeping track of my windows. If you switch with window 2 selected, the new order will be [2,3,1,0] if you switch with window 1 selected, the new order will be [1,2,3,0] If you switch with window 0 no window selected the new order will be [0,1,2,3]. The amazing thing is, there is an entire company Apple Computer full of thousands of people that have to use this every single day How do they manage to not fix this?

One theory is that there are no power users at apple computer - just a bunch of people mouse-mouse-mousing around their computer all day, every day. I think that's unlikely. OSX power users that actually work at apple I live with this pain because I have no way to do anything about it Less useful on non-US keyboards, unfortunately, may require three keys in combination. You can configure that shortcut in the Keyboard System Preferences.

Oh my god, this changes everything! CMD-tab focus to the wrong window has driven me nuts for ten years and this fixes it. PascLeRasc on Aug 21, I would use this, but after trying iTerm2's drop-down terminal which uses the same combination I can't go back. Downside: it does not include minimized windows. Although it seems to have been in "beta" since forever, I've never really encountered any problems. I have literally never encountered this specific UX issue.

Having using OS X and macOS for just about its entire fifteen year lifespan, I don't even know how or why it would happen, to be honest. Edit: I think I understand the scenario after thinking a few more minutes: you've closed all the windows of an application, but you have not exited the application entirely. I agree with the existing behavior. I don't want apps spawning new windows every time I go to them.

If I want the window later, I don't close it. If I just don't want to see it, I hide the app -- but not minimizing it in the Dock either. Hiding it is like turning the other way, minimizing is like folding it up and putting it in my pocket. If I just hid it, I can just turn back to it when I want it.

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If I folded it up, I have to go through the "pain" of unfolding. Open Chrome with a single window. Minimize the window. Then try to Command-Tab to it. It'll bring Chrome to the fore-front, as your menubar will tell you, but the window stays minimized on the Dock. Thanks for the info -- I think that's covered in what I describe in my edit, though likely not as directly as this.

In my edit I realized that an open app with no open windows causes this behavior; a window being confined in the Dock must behave the same way. Cyph0n on Aug 21, This happens a lot with Mail. Another thing that annoys me to no end: alt-tabbing to Finder takes you to an open window in another desktop!

I want to open a new window on this desktop. I guess the linked trick may help with this behaviour. Edit: Found a solution.

macos - Mac OSX - Command-Tab to single window only - Super User

Good enough. Steve Jobs is dead. Can we finally fix this? Or can someone convince me that the behavior we have suffered through for ages has more value than frustration?

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Aaargh on Aug 21, Look at it like this: the windows on your desktop are the things you are working on. Usually they will be documents or other kinds of content. In OSX the desktop metaphor works a little different than on Windows. In Windows a window represents an application. In OSX a window usually represents a piece of content, e. When you minimize a window you're not minimizing the app, you're putting a piece of content out of the way because you don't need it at the moment.

Think of it like stashing something away in a place you can easily reach it if you need it. Cmd-tab doesn't switch between windows pieces of content but between applications.

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I'd hate for this behavior to change, it would break my workflow horribly and is one of the reasons I can't stand Windows. It is perfect for multitasking. I have a lot of stuff open I don't currently need. Say I'm working on some code; I'd usually have an IDE, browser terminal, calculator and a whole bunch of text document for note taking open. The things I don't need I minimize. When you cmd-tab between apps you only switch between the things you're working on at that moment.

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Basically the whole point of minimizing is so it doesn't switch to those windows. If you need it, keep it on your desktop, thats what it is for, if you don't you close the document. Minimizing is a bit like a halfway point between that: I don't want with this document on my desktop right now but I might need it in a bit so I'll just stash it in the dock. Aaargh on Aug 22, You can switch to Windows. There should not be an option, that would almost be worse. If you start messing with the fundamental concept of how the desktop works things become a mess. Just like your favorite Web browser, some macOS applications support tabs, allowing you to combine multiple windows into a single tabbed interface.

Instead of simply managing and switching application windows, what if you want to close a bunch of them? This will close all application windows but leave the application itself running in the background. It seems so messy!