Mac os x el capitan vmware workstation 12

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  2. How to Install Mac OS X on VMware on Windows
  3. How to install Mac OS X EL Capitan on VMware on Windows PC

Is there a way to make the guest OS use more than mb of video memory? Windows 10 with El Capitan running here. Did you download the latest patch for VMware Player? Without the patch it gets stuck on this particular screen. If thats wrong can you send me the link for installing the patches. Check out if it works for you now. Hi, there so far it works really well! The only problems seems to be imessage and facetime which fail when logging in with an apple iD.

There is indeed an issue with these two apps on virtual machines. I haven't found a solution yet. You can try upgrading to El Capitan, to see if they work there. Soon I will update this guide for an El Capitan installation, and check out if these apps will work. I am currently trying to follow the instructions Will you post here when you update your guide? Where this differs from the guide in workstation 12 that I'm using is you do not edit the VMX for a generated MAC address, you use the virtual network editor and make your MAC address what you want it to be in there.

I added slightly varying ones with the vm powered off then on reboot with an apple MAC address for the ethernet physical address, the unique identifiers from post 1 and the values from post 50 it allowed me to use imessage and facetime both PCsteps:disqus I wonder if you can repeat this and make it into a guide.


Mac OS X is not supported with binary translation. Thank you for a great install instruction and a pure osx iso. I have a question, what is the su password i can't find it. Thanx a lot. Mine doesn't load just the apple icon just shows and it showed "CPU disabled and that i need to reset the virtual machine". Hey just had the same issue. I resolved it by reinstalling the unlocker.

I think I tried using the command like in the guide but what you have to do is run the 'win-install' file using administrator mode. First off, thank you very much. I have an issue though, even with beamoff and vmtools.. Is it just the cpu or could there be something else going on? When it's running, nothing else is.

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I am getting this error: The CPU has been disabled by the guest operating system. Power off or reset the virtual machine. Once I try to run the Virtual Machine. Please Help. I'm having the same problem, but this error only appears once. After this error, the next attempt results in "the firmware encountered an unhandled exception, VM cannot boot". If I power off and on the host machine, the same error sequence occurs.

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I have unlocked using the latest 2. I don't know how to allow a 'boot flag' to be entered. To my knowledge, the standard Apple boot loader does not allow flags beyond -x, -s, and -v to be entered. Instead of a VM, maybe try a hackintosh, which installs to a drive, not to a VM. At least the boot loader can enter many more flags. Please help. Hi all, i am trying to install os x on vmware but evertime i cant see the MAC OS option, I already tried many unlockers to go through but all efforts in vain. Please help me out so that i can install mac os on vmware.

Thanks for making it seem so easy.. I was stuck for days with the Hackintosh installation. Worked for me We refreshed the guide for the latest version macOS Sierra. But you can also upgrade from the VM you already have, through the Apple store, a couple of readers did just that and were able to upgrade up to macOS Sierra. Hey thanks for the awesome guide, i have an issue with unlocker though. Nevermind i sorted it, for all those stuck on the loading screen, install unlocker It says "Mac OS X is not supported with binary translation.

I had the Darwin. Maybe this is a fluke, but this may work! What I've to do? Successfully did it with VMWare In mac internet connection is not working. So I got everything working, installed fine. Does your webcam connect to a Windows VM?

How to Install Mac OS X on VMware on Windows

I only have the OS X. Do I have to create a second VM to verify. If it helps I'm doing all this on my Asus laptop and the camera is embedded. I get to this screen and can go no further. I installed everything according to the instructions, even un-installed and re-installed twice. I have VM Player 7. I'm stuck on the apple icon no loading bar, just the icon. I've read that there may be an issue with the unlocker I followed the instructions and installed through CMD as admin.

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  4. Anyone have any suggestions? Other than this issue, the install has been very easy and straight-forward but I cannot seem to get around this. Just want to say the steps worked perfectly as someone that's on a Windows 7-x64 OS and using the newer unlock installer v Thanks Angelos! As far as we can tell, it hasn't been tampered with. It's the same with Hackintosh. And what are the possible consequences? Well following the directions, step by step, including the magnet torrent link, It's now working on my Windows 10 Computer.

    Pretty cool. OS X So I'll see if it will still boot up after the upgrade.

    How to install Mac OS X EL Capitan on VMware on Windows PC

    I have had a few times where I wanted to use XCode. Instead of being forced to buy a MAC, I hope this will work. I'd like to play with it some anyway. I want to try running some Linux also.

    Install OS X El Capitan 10.11 Final on VMware on Windows PC (Download Link)

    So I'll do that next. I'm waiting now for the OS update to finish in about 7 minutes now so I can just report that here in this message. But it's working. So that's cool. Now I can play around with it and see what does and doesn't work. I'll have to check. If you follow the directions, Step, by Step exacly, it works!!! Hi JBDragon, I am also trying to run a virtual machine for the purpose of installing xcode I wish to use it to sideload Kodi on my iPad. I have followed the steps on this page and got a working Yosemete VM. Can you please assist by explaining what the next steps are to follow in order to upgrade to a later version of OS?

    The Apple Store will not allow me to download xcode using this version I havn't had a chance to do much since I posted my results. Once it was running, I was able to get my Laser Printer working, and other things, and do a software Update at which time the new OS was offered to download and I did. It downloaded and installed without issue. I'm trying to run it now and I'm getting a error which is strange as it has been working.

    I need to spend some time and figure out what's going on.